5 Easy Steps to Have a Vending machine Installed in Your Business

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Running a business can take a lot of work and effort to ensure that all employees and customers feel like they have some of their basic needs met. Vending machines allow for convenience and options during employee breaks, as well as giving customers options for snacks and drinks without leaving the building.

Let’s take a look at how easy it can be to have a vending company place a machine in your work place!

  1. Determining Foot Traffic:

    Determine the foot traffic of your customers and employees. Vending machine companies usually make money off of the profits of the items sold, so it is in an important factor when discussing options for your business with vending suppliers.

  2. Employee & Customer Wants Analysis: 

    Identify the items that would suit your employee and customer base. Items can range greatly between drinks, protein bars, buts, candy and other snacks. Many employers are offering healthy snack options for employees to encourage health and wellness. Having the right products for your demographic of employees and customers is key to having a successful vending solution!

  3. Outreach to Suppliers: 

    Reach out to a vending machine supplier. There are many suppliers out there, but it is important to find the right company to partner with. These partnerships can vary greatly! Ensure that they have the right selection and price points for your needs.

  4. Appointment Set up: 

    Schedule a time for the vendor to come by and assess what room you have for a vending machine. Options can vary by how much space you have! Be sure to have room available prior to having an in person consultation

  5. Install:

    Once vendors have established a place to install the vending machines, professional installers will place the machines in your office. Small additional steps will be needed to be taken as well to ensure that the vendors have access to your business at the right time to ensure that your machine is always stocked!

Voila! Easy as that. Having employee drink and snack options can help improve the overall morale significantly!