Employee wellness should be a core value in every business. When partnering with PROformance Vend USA, you are sure to encourage wellness habits by offering employees the widest range of healthy snacks and food.

Healthy Meals

It can be difficult to find healthy places to eat within close proximity of your office. It is more important than ever to make sure that your employees have eaccess to clean and healthy food. Our fresh, home-made meals are created in-house and is delivered daily to ensure that your employees are eating the freshest meal possible. We have vegetarian, vegan, and other salads available to meet all of your employees needs!

Making Meals Affordable

Not only is it important to offer healthy meals for the different preferences in your work place, it is equally important to meet the price point needs of your employees. PROformance is happy to provide quality meals at a very affordable price!

Healthy Drink Options

One of the biggest contributors to high carb and sugar count are traditional drinks! Even juices that appear to be healthy often have very high levels of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. PROformance is proud to offer drinks outside of these traditional drink options to help meet wellness goals of companies in the valley.

Mental Health and Wellness

Remember that employee wellness just isn’t about healthy eating, it is also about mental health and well being! Having a large selection of snacks and items can bring many of the employees together. When employees gather in the break room, it’s a great way to take a “real” break from work and reset your mindset before tackling that next task.

Non Intrusive Wellness

Some employee wellness programs have been criticized for penalizing those who don’t participate in their programs. When a company can give employees healthy options, they leave out possibilities for company discrimination against those who may not be able to participate in some areas of a program. Having a healthy source of food and snacks is a way to be inclusive to all employees!

Take Employee Wellness to the Next Level!

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