Helping Your Employees Achieve Health Related New Years Resolutions

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According to Statista,  the top three New Years Resolutions for Americans are to lose weight, eat healthier and save money. Some employers have programs to help with financial planning and saving money. But how can employers urge their employees to stick to their resolutions and eat better and live healthier? There are a few options that can really help give your employees the tools to take these steps while at work!

On Site Wellness Machines

  • Help employees keep track of their progress by having some wellness machines around the office. These could include blood pressure monitors  weight scales that tie in with employee numbers to track progress. Not only does it feel great to see some of your efforts paying off, but it also encourages employees to keep going. Another added bonus is that while at work you have your work friends to keep pushing you!

Create Wellness Competitions

  • Keep your employee on edge by creating some different fitness challenges such as weight-loss challenges and steps challenges to give your employees an extra incentive to keep their resolutions. Progress toward one’s own goal is very rewarding, but beating out co-workers is an added bonus! Movie tickets, concert tickets, and sporting events are other great ways to boost fitness challenge participation as well

Mental Health Encouragement

  • One aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is often overlooked is the importance of mental health. Often time we tout the importance of being disciplined, working out, and regimen, but we often forget that we have to keep our mind happy and satisfied. Failing to keep maintain mental health is what can often cause us to feel lethargic, unmotivated, and sometimes even depressed. There are many ways to encourage and not take away from employee health such showing appreciation for employees and encouraging communication, but taking extra steps to provide counseling or train employees on stress reducers are ways to encourage mental health.

Healthy Food Options in the Workplace

  • The most essential role an employer can play in encouraging their employee’s healthy new years resolution goals is to provide clean and healthy food for their employees. It can be detrimental to employee’s when they are only provided with fatty and unhealthy meals at the workplace. Employees that are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle will often bring their own meals to work but failing to provide an unhealthy alternative is a way to deter someone from achieving their new years resolution goals!

Make 2019 a great year for of all of your employees! Take some steps to ensure that employees are feeling encouraged. Most importantly, make sure that your employees have the tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle by providing Healthy Food Options!