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Project Description

PROformance Retail Vending Machines

What snack or break room is complete without Vending Machines? We offer a complete vending management service including installation, stocking and managing inventory. We also provide customer service to your employees in the event that something goes wrong. In addition to delivering full service management, we also ensure that the easiest payment methods are available to ensure quick and speedy transactions. This includes Apple Pay, credit card transactions, as well as receiving change back in bills.

Because PROformance is not a part of the Unified Strategies Group, and is instead in a merchant association, we have the flexibility to deal directly with distributors and customize vending options. Innovative technology such as our proprietary analytics software allows us to track which items are being purchased more frequently and gives us the ability to optimize the vending selection as time goes on.

Our Vending Machines are also extremely user friendly and easy to use. A full digital service screen makes product selection as intuitive as possible!

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What our Vending Machines Offer

  • Quick meals to small snacks
  • Wide selection of protein bars and nuts
  • Energy drinks alongside traditional comfort drinks
  • Healthy vending options
  • Analytic data used to optimize employee favorites
  • Consumer data is encrypted and protected
  • Large selection of candy
  • Affordable prices for all employees

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