Reasons Why Every Office Needs Coffee

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Running a business can take a lot of work and effort to ensure that all employees and customers feel like they have some of their basic needs met. Vending machines allow for convenience and options during employee breaks, as well as giving customers options for snacks and drinks without leaving the building.

Let’s take a look at how easy it can be to have a vending company place a machine in your work place!

  • Coffee is One of the Most Inexpensive Perks

Arguably the most important perk an office can offer, coffee is an essential element for any office space. The first thing employees look forward to in the morning to jump start their day is a nice cup of coffee. But having the bare minimum is usually not acceptable for most as avid coffee drinkers will still prefer their gourmet coffee. Having a gourmet coffee machine is certain to please all employees.

Many coffee vendors offer inexpensive and great service packaging for premium coffee!

  • Boost Employee Productivity

Grogginess is a productivity’s worst enemy. It is overwhelmingly difficult to push through these mental barriers when employees feel this way. One thing to help employees push past this is coffee. Studies have shown that employees who take coffee breaks together during the day improve productivity in the office.

  •  Employee Interaction and Culture Building 

Many important “coffee conversations” or “hallway conversations” occur near the coffee machine. Exchanging information in the office helps build a sense of community, inclusiveness, and culture in the office. Workplace culture is an essential element for happy employees!

  • Coffee Fits into Wellness Programs!

Many studies have shown that coffee is actually good for you, despite us all being told otherwise for so long. Recent studies have shown that coffee may have health benefits such as helping prevent Parkinson’s Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and liver disease such as cancer.

  • No Reasons to be Late!

We’ve all seen those (or have been those) employees that show up 15 minutes late to work with a vanilla frappe in their hand. We get it, you need your coffee in the morning. But having high end coffee such as a De Jong machine with Illy espresso gives employees little reason to visit a Starbucks before work. They may still show up late, however.

Voila! Easy as that. Having employee drink and snack options can help improve the overall morale and productivity of your office significantly! And with Coffee Services being among the cheapest office perks, there’s no reason not to invest this in your company!

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