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Healthy Vending Options

Traditional vending options and junk food aren’t for everyone. As we start to become more and more conscious of what we are putting in our bodies, it’s important that we meet everyone’s needs and provide them with options that compliment their lifestyle. In today’s day and age there is no need why we should have a one size fits all vending method. That’s why we take pride in our Healthy Vending options here at PROformance.

Free Food & Snack Delivery (Retail Value $200)

If You Have 150+ Employees in the Phoenix Area, You Qualify!


Healthy Vending Made Easy



Non GMO ingredients – That’s right, almost all of our ingredients are non-GMO. No more guessing what is being introduced to your body with our Healthy Vending solution.

Clean Labels – Knowing exactly what is in packaged food is important to us. Whenever you have a meal from us, you can quickly and easily see what the contents of the meal are.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options – Fresh made vegan and vegetarian options made and delivered daily.

Locally Produced Food –Most of our ingredients used to make the fresh food that is delivered every week is from an Arizona based source. We only buy in state and support our local markets when possible!

Avoiding Unwanted Ingredients – We have all seen these unwanted ingredients labeled on our foods. These unfamiliar, hard to pronounce terms are ingredients that you will not be seeing in meals from our healthy food items!


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