Project Description

Open Market – A Micro Market Service

Proformance Vend USA has a very unique approach to our micro market vending solution with Open Market. We believe that the consumer should have the most control over what they want to eat. Currently, that is not the case in most micro markets as large vending corporations dictate which products are stocked. That’s where we separate ourselves from our competitors.  We believe that as we become more and more conscious of what we eat,  it is important to provide employees with Healthy Vending options that compliment their lifestyle.

Our Open Market solution allows the consumer to be in total control of what products they want. This ranges anywhere from affordable quick snacks to healthier and more exclusive brands.  By tracking and analyzing which products are being sold, we continue to optimize your selection for the best experience!

Free Food & Snack Delivery (Retail Value $200)

If You Have 150+ Employees in the Phoenix Area, You Qualify!


Micro Markets Made Easy

How We Separate Ourselves from other Micro Markets

  • Chef from the Boulder’s Resort who creates meals in-house

  • Fully licensed food prep kitchen where we prepare restaurant quality food for our markets

  • Our food has no preservatives and chemicals

  • We buy through multiple channels so our markets offer nearly twice as many snack and beverage items as other markets

  • Many more healthy snack and beverage items than other markets

  • Our markets have pricing on them, so employees don’t have to scan an item to know the cost

  • Our retail level payment kiosk offers end-to-end encryption and does not store financial information to protect user financial information

  • We have proprietary analytical software that helps us stock our markets with what the employees want


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