Why Having Healthy Food Options in The Workplace Matters

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  1. Attracting Top Talent

    Employees expect much more out of their employers these days, especially when an employee has options. in 2018 it is essential to have top notch items for your health conscious employee. It also shows your potential employees that you care about their health and well being, something that should be illustrated when trying to have someone begin a career at your company.

  2. Increases Mental Acuity and Focus:

    Substainable energy levels can be maintained much easier than large intakes of carbs and sugar that is usually consumed when eating unhealthier snacks.

  3. Creates an Inclusive Wellness Environment

    Wellness incentive programs can be a little excluding if you are physically or mentally unable to participate in some of the wellness challenges. One example can be walking or step challenges. If someone is handicapped or physically impaired it could feel like they are being left out even though they would like to to participate. Having healthy vending options is a great way to build an inclusive wellness culture!

  4. Improve Morale and Mood:

    Unhealthy snacks can negatively impact your energy and mood! Having healthy options is a great way to sustain high energy levels with less of a crash!

  5. Showing Appreciation to your Employees

    Show employees that your company cares about their health and well being. Employees are what make your business go roundand by showing some appreciation their motivation can increase significantly. This is one of the easiest things an employer can do that they appreciate their employees.

  6. Bring Workers Together to Take “Work Break”

    It can be easy to step away from your computer or headset and still be thinking about work. If you are still deeply involved mentally with your work are you actually taking a break? Give your employees reasons to take a mental break from work as well as a physical one. Having an outstanding break room can be a big reason why employees are able to take a mental break and mingle with other coworkers.

  7. Create Opportunities for Better Bonding:

    As mentioned in number 6, having a great break and snack room will create a positive environment for employees to bond and connect with one another. This is the heart of a companies culture! Be sure to take advantage of your breakroom and bring it to it’s fullest potential.