Why Choose Us as Your Vending Partner?

Vending Analytics

1. Technology and Analytics

Smart Inventory Management Sets Us Apart From he Rest!

Not only are we a vending company, but also a technology company. We developed our own inventory management system to analyze which products are best selling and at each location. We use this to identify areas of improvement and to optimize our product lineup to ensure happy and satisfied employees.


2. Not a Member of Vending Associations

By not being a member of any vending associations we have much more flexibility in our product selection

We have a commitment to enhance the employee work experience as much as possible. That requires us to break away from the main stream vending associations and to reach out to the distributors directly. Because we are different in this aspect, we have much more flexibility in delivering high quality snacks and food. It also allows us to be much more customized for our clients!


Free Food & Snack Delivery (Retail Value $200)

If You Have 150+ Employees in the Phoenix Area, You Qualify!


3. Innovation

Our Innovation has made us an industry leader in Arizona.

We have been an innovative company ever since day 1. From retail vending machines to card readers, we have always been among the first to adopt. Not only does this help us as a company, it allows us to be much more convenient for the customer. We are currently the only vending company in Arizona that has an in-house chef that delivers fresh food on a daily basis. That definitely defeats the two week shelf life that most other “fresh foods” vendors offer!


4. Fresh Food Made in AZ

Local ingredients. We make it!

Unlike other vending companies, we do not import our fresh food from out-of-state. We actually buy local ingredients from local businesses and make our own fresh food. Which is then delivered directly from our kitchen to you. When you are a partner with PROformance Vending you are also supporting local businesses!

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In House Chef Vending

Meet Adam, our Chef.

We stole him from Boulders Resort and Spa.

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