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Custom Vending Solutions

Inspired to enhance the work experience

Why choose PROformance?

PROformance offers the largest selection of Vending Services in the state of Arizona. Not only do we carry traditional vending items that most vending companies typically have, but we also take our variety of options a step further by purchasing from our distributors directly, giving us the widest range of products for your own customized vending solution.

We offer customized options for your business needs and wants, and we also analyze purchasing patterns and optimize item selection to your employee preferences. This allows us to keep the foods your employees love in stock and available!

Free Food & Snack Delivery (Retail Value $200)

If You Have 150+ Employees in the Phoenix Area, You Qualify!



PROformance Vending is dedicated to enhancing the work experience of your employees by optimizing and reinventing the breakroom of your workplace.

  • Open Market Vending – Our Most Popular Service

  • Business Coffee Solutions – Top of the Line Coffee For Your Workplace

  • Vending Machines – High End Vending Machines

  • Health and Wellness – Great partnerships for companies who care about employee wellness

If you prefer quality, customizable vending options for your employees, PROformance is the right vending partner for you.

Our Mission

Enhancing the employee work experience by delivering the highest quality vending and coffee service possible.

Our Philosophy

By buying local, we can deliver the freshest food possible to your workplace. This eliminates our ingredients being bought out of state and having to sit on a truck for an extended amount of time. In addition to this, we also prepare all of our own food to eliminate food storage in a warehouse. We will deliver the freshest food possible!

Our Commitment

To deliver the highest quality service possible. We aim to exceed current “Fresh Food” standards as well as offering unique and healthy brands that other food vendors cannot deliver.

Consumer Protection

Nothing matters more to us than the security of your employees. That is why we have end to end encryption to protect your employee’s data

24/7 Customer Support

We offer customer support around the clock to ensure the best service for your employees!

In-House Analytics Software

Our real time analytics software let’s us see what break room favorites are allowing us to stock more of them!

100% Quality Guarantee

We will refund money to your customers if our meals have any issues or are not fresh! Easily accessible

Reach out for a Free Consultation!

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