Is there any charge to place a machine micro-market at our business?
There are many variables that determine pricing for a business. Contact us for a proposal!

Who decides what is placed in our vending machines?
Our clients have complete control of what options are available in the vending machines. We also use proprietary Analytics software to analyze trends and update stock with the most popular options.

How often will you service the machines?
Machines will be serviced and stocked as often as needed. In-house analytics software lets us know when our machines are running low. Our machines are guaranteed to be stocked.

What if we have a problem with our machine(s)?
If a technical issue arises with one of our machines, we will be notified right away and get someone immediately.

Can you guarantee Freshness?
We guarantee that all fresh made food will be fresh. Our customer service line will issue refunds if any issues occur!

What would be our service plan?
We do not have a one-size-fits-all plan. Each plan is customized and crafted to fit your own company’s wants and needs.